Stevie J Receiving a BJ During FaceTime Interview

Stevie J Receiving a BJ During FaceTime Interview

Of all the things that happen under the sun, this should be classified as one of the most pathetic? During a FaceTime interview with upcoming podcaster and reporter Leah Henry, Love and hip hop star Stevie J was apparently receiving oral sex!

The Love and Hip Hop star was featured on an episode of the reporter’s show  ‘ Leah’s Lemonade’. She wanted to talk more about Stevie’s new special so she asked him questions surrounding that topic. During the interview, it became obvious that something wasn’t right! I mean when a man is receiving fellatio, there’s no way his facial expressions wouldn’t give him away. Stevie? He was gone, his face and response all a testimony that someone was working him down there.

First off, Stevie was lying shirtless on the bed while the interview went on. Secondly, at one point in the interview, a 3rd hand popped up in the frame! Dang Stevie! The sex couldn’t wait obviously. While Leah was excited about the interview and asking the right questions, something else was exciting Stevie down there!

Stevie J never denied Having Oral Sex While on the FaceTime Interview

As soon as Leah placed one and two together, she confronted the Love and Hip Hop star about it! “What the heck is going on over there?” Stevie becomes shy and didn’t agree or disagree that he’s receiving the good old BJ.

As the professional journalist she is, Henry joked about it and carried on with the interview even while things kept happening in the background. I respect her for carrying on, which she tried to do in a bid to get really good information out of Stevie to clear his name. But the star wasn’t ready to get serious, obvious from the thumping sounds and his eye movements throughout the interview.

Stevie J receiving Backlash after the FaceTime Interview went viral

Stevie has come under massive fire since this went viral. He’s been called disrespectful, crazy, dumb, harassing,  stupid ass ni**a. You name it! But Leah hasn’t gone scot-free either, the journalist has also come under fire for continuing with the interview even after she realized what was going down.

If you ask my opinion, that’s crazy and the only person who should be on the receiving end of backlash here is Stevie! Leah Henry has been fuming over how people are interpreting the issue and has decided she’s going to address it in her upcoming podcast.

Oh well, at least now she has more publicity for her show and her podcast. But this has to go down as one of the most insane things to happen on a FaceTime interview. SMH!

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