Akademiks’ Instagram Deleted with 4.7 Million Followers 

Akademiks’ Instagram Deleted with 4.7 Million Followers 

I don’t know whether to call the guy DJ Akademiks, Akademiks or just the loud dude from the internet, but it seems he has taken a blow to his social media presence. Fans have noticed that Akademiks’ instagram page, which boasts about 4.7 million followers has been either deactivated by him, or disabled by Instagram. Although many don’t agree with his style of reporting, one can’t deny his presence in new media. 

According to Hip Hop DX,  Akademiks’ Instagram account has been deactivated before. In November 2021, his page was reportedly shadow banned by Instagram before it was removed completely. The media personality has been known to go back and forth with people on the platform. He has public beefs with Peter Rosenberg, Mysonne, Freddie Gibbs (who also recently had his page snatched) and more. 

Akademiks’ Instagram Deleted with 4.7 Million Followers 

Will be interesting to see if gets his page back, or if it will remain disabled. IG doesn’t seem to care how many followers you have when it comes to their community guidelines. Kanye West was recently disabled for 24 hrs following his rant against Pete Davidson. Rhianna has had her page disabled. Rapper Boosie had a page with 11 million followers disabled for nudity. I guess we’ll see if or when Akademiks returns to the platform; if it was him, or the powers that be that removed his page. 

While in a heated back and forth with radio personality, Peter Rosenberg, Akademiks went for the jugular. He stated,

“Rosenberg, I probably made more this year on Spotify than you’ve made your entire career at Hot 97,” he said. “Bro, I’m on your ass … I don’t fuck with y’all n-ggas. Y’all been new. I never apologized to none of y’all and I ain’t fuck with y’all. I created my own shit, so good. I’m glad you said that. It’s on now, great! Perfect.”

Let’s see how this plays out for him.

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