Kanye West To Seek Treatment, Says He Is Done With The Harassment 

Kanye West To Seek Treatment, Says He Is Done With The Harassment 

According to XXL, music mogul Kanye West is attempting to turn over a new leaf. The magazine reported that sources close to the states, “For the sake of the kids, Kanye has told Kim he’s not making any public appearances or inflammatory social media statements, and he will go away somewhere to get better.” Were glad to hear this considering Kanye seemed to on the verge of reaching a breaking point. We know he’s struggled with mental health issues in the past, so this could only mean good thing for the rapper and his family.

Kanye has seemingly all but disappeared off the internet since IG banned his profile for violating their community guidelines. Although the ban was for only 24 hrs, the rapper hasn’t returned to the platform. Prior to the ban, the rapper would go on daily tirades aimed at Pete Davidson; the new love interest of his ex wife Kim Kardashian. Things seemed to be getting a bit out of hand, a lot of fans were beginning to worry.

Kanye West To Seek Treatment

He then would berate Kim about not being able to properly Co Parent their four children. Things have obviously gotten better as far as the co parenting in concerned. Kim and Kanye were spotted together at their son Saint’s soccer game and appeared to be rather cordial. This definitely seems to be a step in the right the right direction. 

Kanye West is said to have been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. Maybe his treatment may have something to do with his condition, were not really sure but any help is good help. As the report states, it’s for sake of the kids. God Bless.

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