Back To The Future: How Hip Hop Grew An Obsession With The Cult Classic Film

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If you’re a fan of the famous movie series, Back To The Future, then today is a big day for you. Today is October 21, 2015, which is the same day that Marty McFly traveled years into the future to see what happened to him and his future family. Not only was the world obsessed with all of the futuristic things that appeared in the film, from the hover boards and instant meals, but hip hop took pieces from that as inspiration for their own music and style. With today being deemed Back To The Future day from the sequel film, we take a look at hip hop’s growing obsession with the cult classic film.

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Whether it’s sporting some of the gear from the films, or creating music themed after the events that went down, hip hop artists aren’t shy to show their standom for Back To The Future. Before his fame, and deal with MMG, rapper Wale teamed up with 9th Wonder to release a body of work titled after the movie, with artwork of the two of them as cartoons, standing in front of the same time machine. As far as the music front, A$AP Rocky was also another fan of the movie in hip hop, as he titled one of his very first songs after the film, where he talked about being “on that Marty McFly.”

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