DaBaby Says Lil Durk Waving The White Flag In DM’s

DaBaby Says Lil Durk Waving The White Flag In DM’s

Rapper DaBaby has taken to Instagram to address some talk on the internet suggesting he needed to team up with NBA YoungBoy. Fresh off the release of Better Than You, a joint project with YoungBoy, DaBaby has seemed to have found himself in the middle of a beef between Lil Durk and NBA YoungBoy. Never one to back down from a issue, the rapper attacked it head on and had the to say. 

This Could Get Ugly

Verified : Y’all towel boy ass niggas funny as hell

Y’all on da internet playing tryna run ya stripes up while y’all BIG DAWG in my DM waving the white flag.

Y’all niggas must not be on da same page over there at OTF but check dis out , it ain’t a gang , city , NIGGA, or neighborhood in da WORLD scary enough to make BABY pick & choose who to get money wit nigga. I ain’t one uh nem ! You niggas don’t like it DO SUMN .

I played it cool cuz y’all niggas wanna make it bout y’all Patna & ion speak on the dead cuz I’m onnat frfr! every day I wake up ready to teach me a nigga like you

So Long Live em , @kingvonfrmdao GOT my respect, he stood on business no excuses , it was just another nigga there ready to stand on business too. ‍♂️

That’s how we living, that’s what GANGSTA is ain’t it? But the rest of you hoe ass internet niggas tryna be cool off ya boy name … is some HOES !

It’s the niggas y’all got round that ain’t doin allat talking that I’ll respect, & still NEVER fear but you mascot ass niggas QUIT IT!

We are NOT the same my boy!


Now go call some REAL gangstas to step for ya PUSSY!

Ima be right here waiting ready to rock out ✌


DaBaby VS Lil Durk ?

This seems to be stemming from the ongoing feud between Lil Durk’s OTF camp and NBAYoungBoy. Rapper King Von, who was killed in 2020 was the flagship artist on the OTF label. He was shot and killed in Atlanta following a feud with rapper Quando Rondo. 

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