Fan Pees Herself At Lil Durk Concert, Rapper Stops The Show

Fan Pees Herself At Lil Durk Concert, Rapper Stops The Show

Lil Durk Concert

During a stop in Phoenix, Rapper Lil Durk had to halt one of his shows to check on a female fan who allegedly peed on herself during his performance. Were not quite sure why this young lady decided to urinate when she did, but she apparently took it upon herself to relieve herself right where she stood. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, fellow concert goers brought her blunder to Durk’s attention.

Girl Pees Herself At Lil Durk Concert

Seemingly alarmed about the concert goers condition, Durk stopped the music, “Somebody passed out?” Durk asked the fans. “Huh? She pissed? She peed? What the fuck? I heard everything, but I ain’t never heard that shit, man. I don’t know what to do in this situation.”

He added,  “It depends on what type of pee it is, though. Did you piss ’cause you seen us up here, or did you pee on some nasty shit? So ain’t nobody passed out or fighting, she peed? Just go to the back and clean yourself, that’s all.”

Durk has been on a super winning streak since the release of his #1 album 7220. He has reported his show price is up into the mid 6 figures, and tickets for his show have been seen online going for $700 a pop. This should officially put him in the superstar category. This is very impressive considering how long Durk has been in the game. 

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