Is Doja Cat Thirst Trapping Or Trolling With New ‘Sex Goddess’ Tattoo ?

Is Doja Cat Thirst Trapping Or Trolling With New ‘Sex Goddess’ Tattoo ?

Last Saturday (July 23), the “Kiss Me More” hitmaker jumped on her Instagram feed to share a new mirror selfie wearing a black bikini with a mesh cropped shirt layered on top, an eyebrow-raising pair of black slingback heels, and a cute sparkly cowboy hat.

Is Doja Cat Thirst Trapping

“First tattoo ever, 7/23/22 I love it,” she wrote in the caption, drawing attention to the artwork on her butt. She also gave a close up of it in the second slide. Whoa!

While It’s certain many fans were happy seeing the stunningly beautiful artist donning a bikini, upon further inspection, it appears her tattoo seemed to be a fake. Fans were able to realize that the California native’s heart-shaped ink, complete with the words “Sex Goddess” in the middle, was not real at all. Instead, the Planet Her Grammy winner simply applied one of those “just add water” tattoos that are only semi-permanent.

26-year-old Doja Cat is well-versed in the art of internet trolling. Is this what she was doing this weekend while flexing her provocative new “tattoo”?

She’s been known to use instagram and twitter to stir the pot quite often. Whether it’s her claiming to be quitting the music business or expressing what she likes in the bedroom, she is often very vocal and transparent.

“Got me in the first half, [not gonna lie],” one user wrote in the comments. Others were quick to clown Doja Cat‘s aforementioned questionable choice of footwear. One use wrote, “Not the church heels,” and another typed “It’s the kittens.”

Whether Doja Cat was thirst trapping or not with this post, one thing is for certain, you gotta love her personality!

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