Jay Z And Pusha T  Collaborate on ‘Neck and Wrist’ Single. Jay Z Goes Crazy 

Jay Z And Pusha T  Collaborate on ‘Neck and Wrist’ Single. Jay Z Goes Crazy 

Pusha T dropped his long awaited collaboration with Jay Z today. It’s now quite safe to say Jay Z hasn’t lost a step when it comes to rapping. On the single Pharrell assisted ‘Neck and Wrist”, Hov addressed a haters who have been taking shots at him. One in particular was comedian Faizon Love . Love did an interview with Vlad TV where he insisted Jay Z’s drug dealer bars were manufactured and untruthful. He went as far as saying if Jay would’ve sold drugs, someone would’ve beaten him up and taken his cocaine. 

Jay Z And Pusha T  Collaborate

Jay Raps,

“The phase I’m on, love, I wouldn’t believe it either/ I’d be like, ‘JAY-Z’s a cheater,’ I wouldn’t listen to reason either/All I know is he’s a felon, how is he sellin’?/Weed, the Caliva brothers, deep down, I believe you love us, huh/Feast your eyes, the piece unique, it’s sapphire/Rappers liars, I don’t do satire/Neither I nor my wrist move mockingly/Y’all spend real money on fake watches, shockingly/They put me on lists with these n-ggas inexplicably/I put your mansion on my wall, are you shittin’ me?

Jay even went on to speak about the supergroup he had planned with The Notorious B.I.G. Thee group was named “The Commission” and was also to include Diddy, Lance ‘Un’ Rivera, Lil’ Cease and Charli Baltimore. Unfortunately B.I.G. passed away before we could get any music from them as a collective.

Jay Z Raps,

“I blew bird money, y’all talkin’ Twitter feed,” he continues. “We got different Saab stories, save your soliloquies/They like, ‘If BIG was alive, Hov wouldn’t be in his position’/If BIG had survived, y’all would have got The Commission/Hov was gon’ always be Hov/It ’twas the universe will ’cause Allah said so, and now I’m here.”

We hope this is the start of more verses and hopefully and album from Jay Z. I mean, he did just make the Forbes Billionaire list so I’m quite sure he has other priorities outside of hitting the recording booth. 

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