Kodak Black Meets Donald Trump Thanks To Ray J

Kodak Black Meets Donald Trump Thanks To Ray J

During the final stretch of his presidency, Donald Trump did something I don’t think any of us seen coming. He started to release a bunch of some of the people you would probably least expect from prison. While still having the power to grant presidential pardons, one of the people he decided to pardon was none other than rapper Kodak Black. Kodak, along with another rapper, Lil Wayne, were both lucky enough to avoid lengthy prison sentences because Trump decided he was gonna help a few folks out on his way out the door.

Kodak (real name Bill Kahan Kapri) was in federal prison after pleading guilty to a firearms possession charge after being detained at the Canadian-American border in March 2020. Like Wayne, he took to Twitter to thank Trump for commuting his 46-month sentence.

Since then, every chance he gets he shows his undying love and support for the former POTUS. He frequently posts on his IG his admiration and respct for Trump and I can definitely see why he would. If someone got me released from jail early, I’s probably be their biggest fan as well. At a time when it wasn’t popular to like and/or endorse Trump, (especially as an African American) these two went against the grain, and it paid off.

When Chance Meets Opportunity

Kodak Meets Donald Trump

Just recently, R&B singer and entrepreneur Ray J brought Kodak Black with him to a dinner ceremony at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida, Thursday night. Video footage captured the introduction as the rapper approached a seated Trump. The two shared a dap before engaging in a conversation.

This kid Kodak definitely has some stories to tell his Grandchildren someday.

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