Mike Tyson Wants $1 Billion For Jake Paul Match

Mike Tyson Wants $1 Billion For Jake Paul Match

During his popular podcast, retired boxer Mike Tyson made some very bold claims about what it would take for him to step into a ring with Jake Paul. While it was retired NBA champion Paul Pierce, and current Welterweight champ Jermell Charlo who bought up the fight, it was Mike himself who quickly shot down the possibility. That is, unless Jake Paul or some other promoter comes up with a billion dollars. 

He did admit the two are actually friendly, and even reportedly did mushrooms in St. Barts together. But Mike says HE ain’t got no fucking money, meaning himself. Furthermore, he said he never heard of any offers being made for the two to fight. Charlo insisted he heard Mike was offered $49 million to fight Paul. 

“Nobody told me that,” Tyson said. “Hey, I ain’t got no f***ing money. So, where’s the f***ing contract?”

“I’ve never heard this from nobody, I’ve just heard this from you guys.” Tyson said, “We got to get some more man sh*t, blue-eyed, blonde hair, that sh*t is very expensive, we need to get some more money, man.”

This comes on the heels of Paul offering upping his offer from $30 Million to $60 Million for Kanye West and Pete Davidson to lace up for him MVP promotions company.

I say he add $940 to that and get in there with Tyson. 

I seriously doubt that Kanye is fighting anyone anytime soon. And that beef with Skete seems to be dying down. Jake, get Mike the Billi man.. Make it happen.

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