Charlamagne tha God Claims to Know the “Bigger Reason” Why Kanye is Mad over Kim Kardashian’s Relationship with Pete Davidson

Charlamagne tha God Claims to Know the “Bigger Reason” Why Kanye is Mad over Kim Kardashian’s Relationship with Pete Davidson

Charlamagne tha God Claims to Know the ‘Bigger Reason ‘Why Kanye is Mad over Kim Kardashians Relationship with Pete Davidson 

Kanye’s rants on Instagram over the past few days have not gone unnoticed by his fans and colleagues in the industry. The College Drop Out rapper has been on a spree, accusing Kim of keeping his kids away from him, and Pete for antagonizing him. This came after a series of text messages between Kanye and ‘Skete’ went viral. 

The message showed that Pete was no longer going to keep quiet and let Kanye win the feud! In the leaked text message the SNL comedian replied to Kanye with a photo of himself shirtless in bed with the text “In bed with your wife” when Ye asked where he was. 

Charlamagne tha God Claims there’s a Bigger reason Why Pete Davidson Gets Under Kanye’s Skin


On his Breakfast Club episode on Monday 14th of March, Charlamagne tha God claims he knows why Kim Kardashian’s relationship with Pete bothers Ye so much. According to tha God, Kanye called him when Kim just started dating the SNL comedian, and on the call he said some private things about Pete to him. 

With Beyoncé’s hit “Ego” playing in the background he said; 

“Speaking of big egos, Kanye West, remember when you called me last November and we were yelling and screaming at each other?  He continued, “You told me what you really mad about, king! You told me what is really bothering you in this situation! This is why it’s hard to take you serious when I see you rant!” 

Well maybe this is why Kanye shouldn’t trust anybody! If he confided in Charlamagne, should he be telling it to the public? Anyways, The Breakfast Club co-host didn’t stop there. He continued spilling half information.

“You know I know! You can fool people on social media, you can fool the general public, but you know I know. Let’s just leave it at that for now… Unless, Kanye, you want me to say more? Personally, I’m a just send you some healing energy.”

After that he sang to the instrumental of Beyoncés “Ego,” “It’s too big! It’s too wide! It’s too Strong!” 

Now that’s more than enough hint Charlamagne! You already know what people are speculating. Although many seem to believe Charlamagne tha God’s hint, others think there’s more to this than meets the eye! What do we not know? The entire public is invested in this matter and we all just want to know!

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