Kanye West in Search of SNL Guest Writer Address After he Leaked Messages

Kanye West in Search of SNL Guest Writer Address After he Leaked Messages

On Kanye’s latest Instagram shenanigans, a text message exchange between the rapper and “Skete,” Pete Davidson, was leaked by an SNL guest writer. Kanye had been on a posting spree all day long, condemning the latest TikTok video of his ex-wife and daughter, while bashing D.L. Hughley simultaneously. After telling D.L. he can afford to get him hurt, now, Kanye West is in search of the SNL guest writer’s address after he leaked messages.

While Kanye was going about his Instagram rants, the leaked text message was making the rounds on the internet. In the text message,  Pete replied to Kanye with a photo of himself in bed with the text “In bed with your wife” when Ye asked where he was. 

The comedian asked to meet up with Kanye privately, but Ye asked him to show up for Sunday service if he had the guts. 

Kanye West in Search of SNL Guest Writer

Of course, Pete wasn’t willing to do that, so he responded with a text that read: 

“What you are doing to your family is dangerous and going to scar them for life,” he said. “Please handle these matters privately bro. I beg you … This isn’t public dude. I’m not here for pictures and press, which is obviously all you care about. My offer stands. I wish you’d man up for once in your life.”

I call BS on this text because Sirus, the writer who leaked the text, couldn’t have gotten it without Pete! 

Kanye Gets the Address of Writer Who Leaked the Texts Between Him and Pete Davidson 

In a  now-deleted post, Kanye reacted to the circulating text message exchange by posting a screenshot. The screenshot was also a text message exchange between the rapper and an unknown contact. In the text, Kanye asked where the SNL writer lived and got a reply that read “I believe his real name is David Pollack, not Sirus, originally from Atlantic City. Brooklyn! He lived in apartments his whole life with others!”

Kanye later released a video addressing the whole issue and said, “people just want to see somebody meltdown.” At this point, that’s exactly what this looks like. 

Pheeew, I hope Kanye watches his back because things are beginning to look rough in the sense that his presumed threats may lead to lawsuits!

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