DL Hughley Calls Clout Chase on Ye Friend Theophilus London

DL Hughley Calls Clout Chase on Ye Friend Theophilus London

Rapper Theophilus London grabbed some headlines this past weekend when he ran to IG and claimed he had approached DL Hughley; and demanded he give Kanye an apology. Just recently, DL Hughley did an interview with Vlad TV. During one clip, while discussing the polarizing Kanye West, Hughley suggested the rapper’s online behavior was basically stalking. Although many people thought the word ‘stalking’ was a bit much, others echoed the sentiment. Kanye had seemingly began to use his IG page solely for the purpose of antagonizing Pete Davisdon, who is his ex wife, Kim Kardashian’s new love interest. Even so much, Instragram had temporarily suspended the rapper. But what happened next is quite funny. Theo says he pressed Hughley, Hughley calls Clout Chase!

Hughley Calls it a Clout Chase

While dining with his family in popular eatery Nobu, the comedian was approached by rapper Theophilus London. London pulled out his phone and began to make a video of Hughley.  During his initial IG post, which was basically a screenshot of the altercation, he added a caption insinuating he had pressed Hughley. He said he demanded Hughley apologize, and then Hughley alerted his security. Once DL Hughley got word of what was spreading around the internet, he said “not so fast,” and offered his own version of the story. He took to his Instagram to clear a few things up.

What Really Happened At Nobu

The way Hughley explained it,  he noticed London repeatedly walking by his table as he was eating dinner with his family at Nobu in Malibu. When Hughley went to use the restroom, he encountered London taking selfies in the mirror. London then asked, “What up OG?” before bringing up his feud with Kanye and telling him he needs to “make it right.” But Hughley fired back, “[Kanye West] needs to make it right!”

Kanye West and DL have had a bit of back and forth in recent days. Kanye has called him a has been, even suggesting that he could afford to hurt him. The comedian didn’t seem a bit worried as he continued to sling insults at the rapper. But do you guys think this was a genuine defense of Ye, or a case of the clout chase?

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