Kanye West Knows What He Wanted Says Kevin Durant

Kanye West Knows What He Wanted Says Kevin Durant

Kanye West remains an icon and people will always have something to say about him. People’s comments about him could be positive or negative. He has made his way up to the Hip-hop’s mountain and this has made him become the talk of the town. 

Ye has full confidence in himself and that has helped him to keep soaring up his career ladder. He doesn’t seem to mind whether people take him seriously or not at most times. 

Kevin Durant Tells Of Kanye West’s Influence

Recently, the Brooklyn Nets All-Star forward Kevin Durant shared on his last episode of The ETCs podcast with Kevin Durant about Kanye West. On the podcast, Durant talked about his just concluded  Netflix documentary jeen-yuhs.

Kevin Durant talked about two things that hit him while watching Coodie and Chike’s intimate three-part film. One of the two things he said was the impact of Kanye West’s musical career has contributed to his success. 

Kevin Durant said, “Watching that doc made me realize how important Kanye is to my life.”

“His struggle of trying to get on and become a rapper, because he was known for making beats, but nobody took him seriously as a rapper and for him to go from that, to where he is now, where so many people jumped on and understood where he was trying to go.”

Durant Says Ye Knows What He Wanted To Do

He continued that Ye has demonstrated and modeled everything he wanted in life. According to the Netflix documentary, Kanye remains who he has always been. 

Durant continued, “And then for him to predict all of the shit. That’s really what that documentary was all about. He knew what he was about to do, and he was calling everything out.”

“It was just so profound like to hear these conversations he’s having with him and his moms. I get it. I get why Kanye is the way that he is. We always talk about we want the old Kanye back; he was just like this too back then — ranting, real confident.”

Kevin Durant has also spoken well of Stove God Cook$ and Fivio Foreign. 

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