More Racist Fueled Bieber Tapes…Will Floyd Mayweather & Lil Wayne Continue to Support Him?



More Justin Bieber tapes leak and this time its quite obvious that there is something deeper going on. Days after the now infamous tape of the pop star using the N word in some not so funny joke, a new tape has leaked with him singing a not so funny song about joining the KKK and there being “one less lonely nigger”.

We all know he has since apologized for the first tape that leaked and had support from the likes of Floyd Mayweather, Lil Wayne and other black celebrities he’s been known to hang out with. Do you think that should also suffice for these new tapes that are popping up.


Photo: Al Bello/Getty Images

I believe it’s obvious that even though he might not be a blatant racist who hates black people, there is definitely a racist undertone going on here. Certain jokes you just don’t make even if fun. Joining the KKK and killing niggers? That’s a bit extreme even for a teenager.

My question is do you think Justin Bieber will continue to be supported and embraced by theses popular influence black figures after these new tapes? Watch this video from TMZ and let us know what you feel.

By: Saigon

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